YoYo Quilt Patterns

Free YoYo quilt templates and instructions are easy to download and use. YoYo templates can be used to create coverlets, pillow tops, home decorating accessories and holiday decorations.

Create a table runner or placemat with a holiday theme or create Christmas wreaths or tree ornaments. This craft is kid-friendly and would be a great project for children to make for Christmas gifts.

Yo-Yos are all sewn by hand, so they are a perfect on-the-go craft to tuck in your purse or tote bag.

Craft these colorful circles whenever you have a spare moment. Waiting rooms and television watching are perfect times to stitch a few of these little poufs.

Free YoYo quilt patterns and quilt blocks:

Yo-Yo Template
Made of many little circles, yo-yo's are a wonderful way to use pieces from your scrap bag.

Scrappy YoYo Placemat
Create these charming placemats, their a great project to use up your fabric scraps or you can buy fabric to match your decor.

YoYo Bird Applique
This applique pattern would look as good on a quilt as it would on a shirt. Flowers are made from yoyos.

YoYo Doily
YoYo doilies are so cute and easy to make, and are a colorful addition to any room.


Fabric Yoyo
This pattern includes a free yoyo size template which will have you making cute little yoyo's in no time.

The Perfect Yoyo
Using a circular disk and tray that snap together you can create the perfect yoyo every time.

Yoyo Pattern
You'll have no problem making yoyo's when using this fun detailed project with step by step photos.

Yoyo Doily
You can sew yoyo's together to create an un-lumpy doily when following these instructions.

Pretty Yoyo Flowers
This pattern in intended for kids (with adult supervision) to learn how to make pretty yoyo flowers.

Two-Sided Yoyo
The two-sided yoyo works perfect for certain reversible items as they look the same on both sides.

Sew a Shamrock
Three heart shaped yoyo are sewn together to form a pin-on shamrock for St Patrick's Day.

Re-Purposed Sweater
Turn a plain sweater into something special by adding colorful yoyos and other embellishments.

Yoyo Purse Project
Make a one of a king yoyo purse for a unique hand bag that makes a great gift or keep for yourself.

Yoyo Crafts

Suffolk Puffs Wreath
Suffolk puffs are made from gold satin material then garnished with pearls and other embellishments.

Little Purse with Yoyos
Sew this sweet little zip-up purse with attached yoyos with flower shaped buttons in the center.

Christmas Tree
Yoyos, wooden thread spool, a dowel plus a star come together to make this charming Christmas tree.

Turn an ordinary paper clip into a charming clip by attaching a pretty yoyo with an embellishment in the center.

Yoyo Bracelet
This pattern will show you how to turn tiny yoyos into a cute bangle bracelet; make one or several.

Baby Chic
This Easter make this adorable baby chic out of yoyos and a few other materials.

Easter Bunny
This sweet little bunny has pipe cleaners for ears, pink pom pom for a nose and yoyos for his body.

Turn two yoyos and some scrap material into this happy little snow man with a carrot nose.

Yoyo Angel
Transform fabric scraps into this lovely little angel just by following this simple step by step instructions.

Christmas Tree Ornament
Such an easy to make ornament it hardly needs instructions; make one or several for your tree.

Yoyo Easter Eggs
Turn foam eggs into sweet and colorful Easter eggs by attaching pastel colored spring fabric yoyos.

Yoyo Jewelry
Here's a pattern for creating yoyo's then turning them into a broch, bracelet and necklace.

Adorable Yoyo Puppy
Oval shaped yoyos make up this loveable puppy dog with long floppy ears and a little pink tongue.

Yoyo Wallet
This pattern will have you make a zipper wallet then cover it and an assortment of mini yoyos.