Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Block – Traditional Quilt

This quilt was known as “The Young Man’s Fancy” in the Eastern States and also as “The Wild Goose Chase” in various other parts of the country. Our great grandmothers must have loved working with these small geometric pieces for they made endless combinations of them for their quilts.

Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Block – Traditional Quilt Patterns

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Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Pattern

Lay out several cuttings of various colors before you decide on your final color scheme. Move the pieces about, substituting dark and light colors until you get a combination that seems just right.

Size: Approximately 75” x 87” without Border. Approximately 81” x 93” with Border.
Size of Block: Approximately 12 1/2” square.
Number of Blocks: 42 – 21 pieced and 21 plain blocks.


Plain Blocks 	– 2 3/4 yards 39” wide material
Pieced Blocks – 4 1/2 yards 36” wide material print
– 1 yard 36” wide material plain
– 3 1/4 yards 36” wide material dark
Border – 1 1/4 yards 36” wide material dark


Alternate pieced and plain blocks making quilt 6 blocks across and 7 blocks down. Cut 21 plain blocks, each 13” square, allowing for seams of 1/4”.

Note: Cut on solid lines. Press back along dotted lines as a guide for 1/4” seams.


Cut strips 4” wide and seam together. With right side of material facing quilt top, sew border to quilt. Miter corners, turn to inside and stitch in place.

Number of Pieces:

A – 84 pieces of print material
– 168 pieces of dark material
B – 105 pieces of print material
C – 252 pieces of print material
– 252 pieces of dark material
D – 420 pieces of plain light
– 336 pieces of dark light

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