Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern - Free Yo-Yo Template

The Yo-Yo Quilt came into being at the time of the Yo-Yo craze in the early thirties. Made of many little circles, it is a wonderful way to use pieces from your scrap bag and from your friends. It has a lacy appearance and you may wish to line it, or easier still, dye a sheet the shade you wish, spread it on the bed and cover with Yo-Yo's, allowing the border points to hang below the sheet.

Pillows can be made of these Yo-Yo's as well as skirts or sleeveless jackets. Cotton prints can be used. Silk or velvet made into Yo-Yo's would make a charming throw.

Click on the image to print the Yo-Yo template.

Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

Yo-Yo Quilt

The Yo-Yo Quilt

The circles are 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 1 3/4 inches finished. Cut your circles from the pattern. Tack a small disk about the size of a quarter in the center of this circle. Turn under the seam allowance and run a thread around the edge. Draw it up so that only a small opening is left with the plain colored center peeping through.

Bright centers give the Yo-Yo's a flower appearance. Whip the Yo-Yo's together as indicated in the diagram.

The full-size blocks made up of 25 print Yo-Yo's are set together diagonally with Yo-Yo's of a plain color. The finished quilt is approximately 80" by 108" including the points.


1842 small yellow disks – 1 1/2 yards
1160 print Yo-Yo's – odds and ends or 11 3/4 yards of one print
682 plain color Yo-Yo's – 7 yards