Yankee’s Puzzle Quilt Pattern

The Yankee’s Puzzle quilt is a very old and well-known quilt design that is just as much at home in modern settings as it was in yesteryear’s.

Just a single piece in two different colors forms an eye-catching twelve-inch block; and when these blocks are set together, you will have a most attractive coverlet known as “Yankee’s Puzzle Quilt”.

Size: Without Border – 68 inch by 102 inch.
With Border – 76 inch by 110 inch
Number and Size of Block: 39, each 12 inches square.
Number of Pieces         Block         Quilt
Unit A – Red         16         624
Unit A – White         16         624

Fill-in Blocks: Cut 8 from White fabric, each 12 3/4 inches square; cut each in half diagonally to fill in along ends and sides of quilt. Cut 2 blocks, each 9 3/4 inches square; cut each in half diagonally to fit on each corner of the quilt.

Materials: (All yardages specified are approximate and 36 inch wide fabric unless otherwise stated.)
4 yds. of Red
4 yds. of White
1 3/8 yds. of 39 inch wide White fabric for fill-in blocks
1 5/8 yds. of Red for Border.
Lining – 3 1/8 yds.of 81 inch wide bleached white muslin sheeting. Launder before cutting to size.

Yankee’s Puzzle Quilt Pattern
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Click on the picture to the left for the printable 5" block of the Yankee’s Puzzle Quilt Pattern.