Wrench Quilt Block Pattern

The Wrench Quilt Block design is an authentic, old-time quilt pattern. Simple to piece, adapted to the use of odd scraps, "dark and light," it still makes a charmingly conventional coverlet when completed.

Enlarge to make a 10 inch block and then allow for seams. Blocks may be set into a quilt top either with alternate plain squares or lattice strips 2 inches wide plus seams.

If using print and white for the blocks, the lattice strip method is suggested using a plain tint which matches the color of the print.

Fabric Estimate: Three yards plain pink, for instance, with 3 yards each of white and a pink print – 9 yards in all – would make a pretty, full-sized quilt. Allow extra for seams on all blocks.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the WrenchQuilt Block Pattern.