The Wizard of Oz Characters in Black and White Lineart

Step into the magical world of Oz with a captivating collection of The Wizard of Oz characters in black and white line art. These beautifully detailed graphics are perfect for a variety of creative projects, bringing the enchanting story to life.

Included Characters:

- Wicked Witch of the West: The iconic and menacing villain, perfect for adding a touch of drama and excitement.
- Dorothy and Toto: The beloved heroine and her loyal dog, capturing the essence of their adventurous spirit.
- Glinda the Good Witch: The graceful and benevolent witch, bringing a touch of magic and kindness.
- Cowardly Lion: The lovable and timid lion, symbolizing bravery and heart.
- Tin Man: The endearing and sentimental tin man, representing love and compassion.
- Scarecrow: The clever and resourceful scarecrow, embodying wisdom and intelligence.

Versatile Uses:

- Coloring Pages: Engage children and fans of all ages with these detailed and enchanting Wizard of Oz characters, perfect for coloring activities.
- Pillow Covers: Create unique and magical pillow covers featuring favorite characters, perfect for adding a whimsical touch to home decor.
- Wall Hangings: Design striking wall hangings that capture the timeless charm and magic of Oz.
- Crafts: Enhance a variety of craft projects with these classic characters, ideal for decorations, cards, and handmade items.
- Sewing Projects: Use these designs for appliqué and other sewing projects to bring the beloved story of Oz to fabric creations.

These black and white line art graphics offer crisp and clear outlines, making them ideal for detailed and intricate work. Perfect for fans of all ages, this collection of The Wizard of Oz characters brings the magical world of Oz to any project.

Explore this enchanting collection and add the charm and wonder of The Wizard of Oz to coloring pages, pillow covers, wall hangings, crafts, and sewing projects. Click the color image below to download or print the color clipart.

The Wizard of Oz Characters in Black and White Lineart

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The Wizard of Oz Characters in Black and White Lineart