Whirligig Quilt Block

Whirligig Quit Blocks come in two varieties. The most common pattern uses half-square triangles.

The second variation uses only one wonky rectangle pattern piece, and both pattern types can be assembled in a number of different designs. Sewing these block pieces using the daisy chain method is a real time saver and it goes together much faster than you think by using tips to speed sewing multiple pieces together.

Click on image to print the 6" block of the Whirligig block.

This quilt block is very simple to make, so it's perfect for beginners. However, it looks like a much more intricate pattern and is a great favorite for casual, colorful quilts and wall hangings. Even though this quilt block has a long history, it has a very modern, trendy feel when made up in bold solids and strong patterned prints.

Use from two to nine different fabrics to create loads of designs. This is a great pattern to use up scraps or to make a dent in your stash. If you use one base color and create each pinwheel in a different color, you can create a multi-colored quilt in record time. This quilt is perfect for all ages and blends well with most decorating styles.

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