Wagon Wheel Quilt Block or Wheel of Time Quilt Block

This free Wagon Wheel quilt block makes it easy to create a colorful whirlwind of colors with several variations of this popular heritage pattern. You'll be able to make a future heirloom for a full-size bed or make a small lap robe that's just right for cuddling on the couch to watch TV.

This quilt pattern is a little more complicated to sew, but an intermediate quilter should have no problem at all with this little jewel. This quilt block is also called Wheel of Time.

Click on image to print the 6" block of the Wagon Wheel block.

You can select a limited palette or you can make a dent in your scrap bin and use a wide combination of fabrics for this quilt. Whichever way you stitch it, you'll have a beautiful project that shows off your sewing and quilting skills.

Modify the size of the pattern to make smaller or larger quilt blocks. You can use a contrasting sashing to define the blocks or you could even incorporate multiple sizes of wagon wheels in your design. This versatile pattern makes charming pillows, tote bags and table toppers, as well as quilts of any size.