Traditional Quilt Blocks - Vase of Flowers

Four small units are set together to form this lovely Vase of Flowers quilt block. The example shows ours in red and yellow flowers in a green vase against a white background. You choose the colors you like that harmonize with a room setting, then start to piece a block a day, and you’ll be surprised how quickly this beautiful quilt can be made.

Traditional Quilt Blocks - Vase of Flowers Quilt Pattern

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Vase of Flowers

Or if desired, you may use scraps for the flowers, and you’ll be saving money!

Size: Without Border – 56” x 91”, With Border – 66” x 101”

Size of Block – 8” square.

Number of Blocks – 68 Pieced; 22 Half Blocks; 4 Quarter Blocks.

Number of Units				Block	Quilt
A – White 9 612
B – White 5 340
A – Green - Vase 1 68
B – Green - Vase 1 68
C – Green - Vase 2 136
D – Green - Vase 2 136
A – Yellow (Floral Section - Center) 1 68
B – Dark Rose (Floral Section - Sides) 4 272
C – Red (Floral Section - Top) 2 136


(Use 36” wide fabrics unless stated otherwise.)

5 1/4 yards of white fabric for blocks
1 yard of green fabric for vase
1/3 yard of yellow (or color desired) for floral center
1 yard of dark rose (or color desired) for floral sides
1/4 yard of red (or color desired) for floral top

Note: Or use scraps of various prints and colors for floral section.

1 5/8 yards of green (or color desired) for border.

Quilting Thread to match.


3 yards of 72” wide bleached white muslin sheeting. (Wash it before cutting to size.)

Setting Quilt

Set blocks together as shown in Quilt Diagram.

Fill-in Blocks

Place quilt-top on flat smooth surface (such as floor). Place sheet of wrapping paper under quilt (extending out along edge) and pin in place. Trace off sections #1 and #2. Cut out and use as pattern pieces. Place these patterns on white fabric and allowing 1/4” seams around entire outside edges, trace off and cut out 22 of #1 (half-block) and 4 of #2 (quarter-block). Stitch in place along edges to complete quilt-top.


Cut material into strips crosswise, each 5 1/2” wide. Stitch two strips together to form top and bottom borders; three strips together for each side border. Find center points of strips; bottom, top and sides of quilt. Stitch strips in place to quilt matching center points, making 1/4” seams and mitering the corners.


Use fine running stitch and matching thread to quilt around each unit. Quilt half-blocks and quarter-blocks in diagonal design as shown in picture.


Starting at center, stitch units together as shown in diagram; finish block by appliquéing units D in place at base of vase as indicated.

Make 68 blocks in this manner.

Vase of Flowers Quilt Pattern

  • Traditional Quilt Blocks - Vase of Flowers Quilt Pattern
  • Traditional Quilt Blocks - Vase of Flowers Quilt Pattern
  • Traditional Quilt Blocks - Vase of Flowers Quilt Pattern