Union Square Quilt Pattern

A variation of the "saw-tooth" patchwork, this lovely quilt was made for a bride-to-be and named "Union Square" because at that time there was a great deal of excited talk about Mr. Lincoln and the saving of the Union.


Without Border – 60 inch by 108 inch
With Border – 70 inch by 118 inch
Number and Size of Block: 45, each 12 inches square.
# of Pieces       Block         Quilt
Unit A – Red             8         360
Unit A – White         4         180
Unit B – Red          24         1080
Unit B – White       24         1080


(All yardages specified are approximate and 36" wide fabric unless otherwise stated.)
4 3/4 yds. of White
5 1/2 yds. of Red
2 yds. of Red for the Border


3-3/8 yds.of 72" wide bleached white muslin. Wash before cutting to size.

Pieced Blocks:

Starting at center with Red A units, stitch four together to form a block. Stitch a White B unit to each of the four Red units. Stitch a Red B unit to each White B unit; then a Red A unit to each corner. Stitch a Red B unit to each of the Red units; then a White B unit to each of the Red B units. Finish block by stitching a White A unit in each corner.

Setting Quilt:

Stitch 5 blocks across to make a strip. Make 9 such strips. Then stitch these strips together to form the quilt.


Cut material into 6 strips lengthwise, each 5 1/2 inch wide. Stitch two strips together to form a said border. Repeat for other side. Use remaining strips for top and bottom borders. Find center points of border strips; and sides, top and bottom of quilt. Match center points; then stitch the strips in place, making 1/4 inch seams. Miter corners.


Quilt around each unit using a fine running stitch and matching thread. Quilt border in diamond pattern – diagonal lines crossing each other.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Union Square Quilt Pattern.