Tulip Bouquet Quilt Block – Traditional Floral Quilt

This is an attractive quilt pattern, one that your children will treasure as an heirloom.

This quilt is bright and pretty whether you make it in yellow and green as shown, or deep purple and lavender tulips with bush green leaves and stems against a snow-white background.

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Tulip Bouquet Quilt Pattern

Size: With Border – 80” x 98”

Size and Number of Blocks: 20 Applique, each 18” square

Number of Pieces 	Block	Quilt
A – Yellow 3 60
B – Darker Yellow 6 120
C – Green 2 40
D – Green 2 40


(Yardages are approximate and use 36” wide fabrics unless stated otherwise.)

5 1/2 yards 39” White for blocks
1 yard light Yellow for A Units
2 yards 39” wide darker Yellow for B Units
1 1/4 yards Green for C and D Units
14 1/2 yards Bias Binding in green 1/2” wide for stems.


1 5/8 yards Green


2 3/4 yards 81” wide bleached white muslin sheeting. (Wash before cutting to size). Quilting thread to match.

Cutting Blocks and Pieces

Cut 20 blocks from white, each 19” square … allows 1/2” for seams.
For pieces: Cut 60 of B Units, 20 of C Units and 20 of D. Units in reverse.

Cutting Stems

Cut 18, each 8 1/4” long; 18, each 18 1/4” long for loop-stems.

Setting Quilt

Make 5 strips of 4 block across. Sew strips together for quilt-top.


Cut fabric crosswise into 5 1/2” wide strips. Sew as many as necessary together for top, bottom and side borders. Find center points of borders, on top, bottom and sides of quilt. Matching these center points, stitch border strips to quilt, making 1/2” seams and mitering corners.


Use fine running stitch and matching thread to quilt around each unit and stem. Quilt background in square or diamond design. Do not quilt over appliqué.

Pattern Pieces

Unit A – Cut 60
Unit B – Cut 60, and 60 in reverse
Unit C – Cut 20, and 20 in reverse
Unit D – Cut 20, and 20 in reverse

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