The Fish Block Quilt Pattern

Usually it takes a splendid imagination to guess why our designing ancestors bestowed such fanciful nameson their creations of squares and triangles. But here one can almost smell the salt water. Or if you have not the deep-sea eye for discovering marine life in calico, you still may appreciate in the Fish Block a most rhythmical and conventional design.

The Fish Block should finish about 16 inches square if seams are added to the cutting patterns here given. (enlarge patterns) The Fish Block quilt pattern would make a great quilt for a boy's room, seaside cottage, or really any room where the furnishings are "homey" enough to require a patchwork coverlet.

Fabric Estimate: Thirteen pieced quilt blocks, put together with 12 alternate white blocks, and finished with 3 inch borders of both orange and yellow, will make a quilt about 82 inches square. This requires 5 yards of white, 3 yards of orange, and 3 yards of yellow fabric. To make the quilt longer than wide, add a four-inch strip of white at the top and bottom before adding the border.Allow extra for seams on all blocks.

Quilting suggestion: An Anchor design will add just the right flavor to this nautical design.

The Fish Block Quilt Pattern

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