T-Shirt Quilt Patterns

Free t-shirt quilts are a great way to make lasting memories of favorite T-shirts that will be on display for everyone to enjoy. Don't leave memories languishing in a drawer.

Create a stunning wall hanging, lap throw or bedspread with a lifetime of treasured t-shirt emblems and logos. Learn how to prepare t-shirts for use with quilting patterns. Simple templates, instructions and how-to tips are included with patterns and they can all be downloaded and printed whenever you choose.

Use fusible interfacing to stabilize stretchy fabrics, and use t-shirts along with standard quilting fabrics and methods. Choose a theme and colors to complement your shirts, and create a custom quilt that your family will enjoy for years.

Free t-shirt quilt patterns - great use of memories and vacations stored only on T-shirts.

Cool T-Shirt Quilts
This site offers great pictures of t-shirt quilts and how to make your own.

Tee Shirt Quilt
An awesome site with step by step instructions & illustrations with each step.