Star Quilt Patterns

Cowboy Star, Feather Star and Stained Glass Star are just a sample of the free Star quilt patterns you can download and use to create beautiful quilts, throws, wall hangings and household decorator items.

Star appliqués are also available to add punch to a quilt or to embellish a favorite shirt or jacket. Use variations of star quilt patterns to make a sampler of your favorite designs. Use sashing and a border to tie the patterns together for a quilt you'll be proud to say you created.

Simple Star quilt patterns can be free-sewn, while intricate patterns should be paper pieced to achieve perfect points. These quilt blocks range from easy-to-do for beginners to advanced-skill-required for the professional seamstress. Choose a block that's right for you and get started with your next quilt project.

Click the image for the printable 6" block of the star pattern.

More star quilt patterns from around the web:

Ohio Star Block
These blocks are 12 x 12 inches and the quilt requires 12 of them.

St. Louis Star
This is a paper pieced 9" block of the Saint Louis Star.

Star & Crescent
This star pattern has an elegant appeal. It's an 8" block and is from the late 1920's.

Star Bouquet Quilt Block
A Star Bouquet quilt is a great way to use up those scraps of print material left over from your sewing.

Star Puzzle Quilt
For a very modern and attractive quilt, try this design of yesteryear called "Star Puzzle", making it in either one color and white, or two shades of the same color and white.

This is a really colorful quilt pattern and fun to make. It's a 12" block and is partly paper pieced.

Star Chain
This makes a 28" block and a chain of colors.

Star Applique Patterns
Star shapes and patterns for use with applique or quilts.