Star Puzzle Quilt Block - Free Vintage Quilt Patterns

For a very modern and attractive quilt, try this design of yesteryear called "Star Puzzle", making it in either one color and white, or two shades of the same color and white.

This is a motif that makes perfect leisure-time sewing. The pieces are small enough to carry around easily, and so it may be worked on at-home or when visiting. It is also simple to quilt – just follow the lines formed by the unit seams.

Click on the image to print the template for the Star Puzzle Quilt Pattern.

Star Puzzle

Size: Without Border – 60" x 108", With Border – 68" x 116"

Size of Block: 12" square; Number of Blocks: 45

Number of Units: Two Colors Three Colors

White 720 720
Contrasting Color 720 540
Contrasting Color
in lighter shade 180


(Yards are approximate.)

For 3 Colors: 3 3/8 yards of 36" wide material in white; 4 1/2 yards of 36" wide material in contrasting color; 1 1/8 yards of 36" wide material in a lighter shade of contrasting color.

For 2 Colors: 4 1/2 yards of 36" wide material in white; 4 1/2 yards of 36" wide material in a contrasting color.

For Border:

1 5/8 yards of 36" wide material in contrasting color.


3 1/4 yards of 72" wide bleached white muslin sheeting.

Piecing Block:

Starting at center, piece block in numerical order (shown on small block) and follow the placing of colors as shown in black, white and grey picture above.

For the three color version – the dark sections are contrasting color, the grey are the lighter shade of contrasting color, and of course, the white are white. For the two-color version, the dark and grey section are the contrasting color, and of course, again the white are white.

Setting Quilt:

Make 9 strips, each 5 blocks across. Stitch these strips together to form quilt.


Cut border material into 5-inch wide strips. Piece together to form two strips, each 69" long, and another two, each 117" long. Stitch to quilt.

Lining and Interlining.


Use a fine running stitch with matching thread to quilt around each unit and inside edge of border.