Traditional Quilt Block Patterns - Star of Bethlehem

A treasure any woman will spot at a glance! Here is your golden opportunity to make colors live and throb. Also known as Star of the East or Lone Star of Texas, this pattern has the reputation of being difficult.

This similar quilt is Betsy Totten's "Rising Sun" Quilt and is on display at the Smithsonian. 1825 - 1835.

Star of Bethlehem:

Use only the best fabrics, as you will want this quilt to become a real heirloom. There are several important things to remember in making this exquisite quilt.

1. You must cut all your pieces exactly the same size, with exact angles at the corners. Of course, you must allow for seams.

2. You must sew in your entire seam allowance, and no more.

3. You must join your small diamonds so that, when the eight star points are joined to form the star, the same color pattern is formed on each point, radiating outward from the center. Therefore, each of the eight points will be alike.

4. When two star points are joined, they form a right angle at the center of the star.

Each star point requires 121 small diamonds. Sew the diamonds together in rows of eleven, planning your colors outward from the center of the star, as we have said before. Set together the star points as illustrated, filling in with the large side and corner triangles. The quilt measures 82 inches square, omitting border. Add a border of desired width all around.

When cutting fabric, allow for seams.