Star Bouquet Quilt Pattern - Free Vintage Quilt Blocks

When stars drop into a flower garden it is a happy combination – and we have "The Star Bouquet" quilt to prove it. The design runs all over the bed and the finished quilt resembles a big bouquet of happy-colored little star flowers.

Each star flower starts with a plain colored hexagon, the petals are made of a quaint print, its predominating color the same as the center. These points are filled out to hexagon-form with diamond pieces of a soft shade of leaf green.

Plain white stars fill in the design, and to complete your quilt you'll need two filler stars for every one of print. A Star Bouquet quilt is a great way to use up those scraps of print material left over from your sewing.

Click on the image to print the template for the Star Bouquet Quilt.

Click to print the pattern pieces.

Star Bouquet

For a quilt measuring approximately 84" by 90", you will need 126 print blocks, 230 white star blocks and 24 white half-star blocks.


Green – 1172 green connecting diamonds – C – 5 1/4 yards
Print – 756 petals – B – 3 1/2 yards print
Yellow – 126 centers – A – 1/2 yard
White – 1428 diamonds – C – plus 48 half-diamonds – 6 1/2 yards