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Many more patterns that only have 1 or 2 free quilt pattern sources listed can be found in the Miscellaneous pages below:

Misc. A - C Quilt Patterns

Air Castle, Amethyst, Autumn Leaves, Beacon Lights, Birds in the Air, Buckeye Beauty, Cake Basket, Castles in Spain, Cats Cradle, Centennial, Courthouse Steps, Crown of Thorns.

Misc. D - G Quilt Patterns
Darting Minnows, Delectable Mountain Star, Dolly Madison Star, Double Dutch, Double Windmill, Eddystone Light, Fifty Four Forty, Goose Tracks Quilt Patterns.

Misc. H - M Quilt Patterns
Handy Andy, Hovering Hawks, Hourglass, Jack in the Pulpit, Job's Troubles, Joseph's Coat, Kansas Sunflower, Lilies of the Field, Memory Lane, Ocean Waves Quilt Patterns.

Misc. P - Z Quilt Patterns
Peony, Perpetual Motion, Pictorial, Rising Star, Star Puzzle, Stepping Stones, Swamp Patch, Turkey Tracks, Weather Vane, Windmill Star Quilt Patterns.

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