Sister’s Choice Quilt Block

The Sister’s Choice Quilt Block is part of our free vintage quilt patterns on Quilt pattern plus instructions to make this traditional quilt.

Sister’s Choice Quilt Block

Sister’s Choice Quilt Block


Without Border – 75” x 105”

With Border – 87” x 117”

Number of Blocks:

35 Blocks – 18 Pieced and 17 Plain; each 15 1/2” square


(All yardages specified are approximate and of 36” wide fabrics unless otherwise stated.)

8 1/2 yards of White for Blocks and units;
8 1/2 yards of Color for units and Border.


3 1/4 yards of 91” wide bleached white muslin sheeting. (Launder before cutting to size.)


Before cutting Color Units, cut two strips – each 6 1/2” wide and 88” long; another two strips – each 6 1/2” wide and 118” long. (Border Strips.)

Pieced Block:

For center color section, stitch two color units together. Stitch two white units together – 4 times. Stitch these white sections to center color section. Stitch two color units together – 4 times. Stitch these section in corners to white sections. Stitch a white unit to a color unit – 8 times; Stitch these sections to color corner sections, matching color. Stitch 2 color units together and stitch in place between the color sections just added. Stitch two white units together – 4 times, and stitch in corners to complete block.

Setting Quilt:

A-Strip – Stitch 5 blocks together starting with a Pieced Block and alternating with Plain Blocks. Make 4 strips in this manner. B-Strip – Starting with a Plain Block and alternating with Pieced Blocks, make 3 strips of 5 blocks across. Stitch strips together, starting with an A-Strip and alternating with B-Strips.


Find center points of border strips; top, bottom and sides of quilt. Matching center points, stitch strips to quilt. Miter.

Lining and Interlining:

Cut 1” smaller around than quilt-top. Place quilt, wrong side up, on floor, interlining on top of it; lining (right side up – smooth out all wrinkles) on top of interlining. Baste all 3 layers together, working from the center out. Turn in border seam allowance and whip-stitch in place.


Use fine running stitch and matching thread to quilt around each unit in Pieced Blocks. Use a fine running stitch and contrasting thread to quilt these blocks.

Sister’s Choice Quilt Block Pattern: