Wedding Ring Quilt - Single Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

There are several names and variations of this lovely design of the Single Wedding Ring Quilt, but the block which is set together here is perhaps the most geometric of the variations. You’ll find this a fascinating quilt to make and one that can be worked on leisurely – for once the piecing is memorized, the stitching is easy!

Click the quilt block to print the Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern.

Quilt tutorial:


(All yards approximate and use 36" wide fabrics unless noted.)

7 yards of White; 4-3/4 yards of Yellow; 2 yards of 39 inch Yellow for border.
Lining: 3-1/8 yards of 72” wide bleached white muslin sheeting. (Wash before cutting.)

Quilt Block:

Starting at center, stitch a Yellow unit to each side of a White unit; stitch a Yellow unit to each corner between Yellow units; continue in this manner following Block diagram for placing of colors and pieces. Make 46 blocks in this manner.

Fill-in blocks:

Place quilt on smooth surface (floor); place a piece of wrapping paper under outside edge; trace off triangular fill-in motif; cut out and use as pattern piece. Cut 18 triangles from white material, allowing 1/4 inch around entire outside edge for seams. Repeat for corners. Seam in place.


Cut fabric lengthwise into 6 strips, each 6 1/2 inches wide. Stitch 2 strips together to form side border. Repeat for second side. Use remaining strips for top and bottom borders. Find center points of border strips; top, bottom and sides of quilt. Matching center points, stitch border strips in place on quilt.

Lining and Interlining:

Cut 1 inch smaller than quilt-top with border. Place quilt-top, wrong side up, on a smooth, flat surface with interlining on top of it and lining (right side up, smooth out wrinkles) on top of interlining. Baste from center out thru the three layers. Turn in border seam allowance; whip-stitch in place.


Use a fine running stitch and matching thread to quilt around each unit. Quilt fill-in motifs in diamond pattern – diagonal lines crossing each other. Use border in same pattern if desired.