Rose of Sharon Quilt Patterns

Create an heirloom that will be loved today and cherished for generations with free Rose of Sharon quilt patterns.

These traditional patterns are easy to download and simple to enlarge or reduce to fit your needs.
Use the pattern to create a memorable wedding or anniversary gift that shows how much you care.

The Rose of Sharon quilt block is an appliqué that uses a paper piecing method. This technique is easy to learn and make your blocks perfect every time. Choose a pattern that matches your skill level and select traditional colors or a contemporary palette that blends with your décor.

Free Rose of Sharon quilt blocks include materials lists and helpful tips on constructing your quilt. These blocks can also be used to create wall hangings and pillows. Small versions of the pattern are often seen embellishing tote bags, jackets and blouses.

The Rose of Sharon quilt patterns we could find on the web were very sparse as you can tell. We did find a nice website with the
History of the Rose of Sharon Quilt.

Rose of Sharon Quilt