Roman Stripe Quilt Block - Traditional Quilt Patterns

Pioneer women, remembering the thrifty custom which they had observed in the European countries, pieced together their scraps of precious fabrics to make warm and comfortable bed coverings. The early designs were called the Three Patch or Hit and Miss. A more formal arrangement of these three-patch blocks is called the Roman Stripe quilt block shown here.

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Roman Stripe Quilt Pattern

Size: You may make this quilt as wide and as long as you wish.

Size of Block: 3” square

Number of Units to One Block: 3

Materials: Materials are not given for this quilt for it provides the perfect way to use up those scraps left over from other sewing projects.

Quilting: If quilting is desired on strips – quilt each unit along the center and 1/4” away from seams on all sides.

Roman Stripe Quilt Pattern:

  • Roman Stripe Quilt Block - Traditional Quilt Patterns