Rambler Quilt Block Pattern

The Rambler quilt is an old-fashioned favorite which pieces a quilt block about 12 1/2 inches square,if seams are allowed. (enlarge pattern) The Rambler looks good either as a patchwork pillow or for a quilt top set together with alternating white blocks, the roses spotting color,and the triangle leaves rambling in formal pattern diagonally across the quilt.

To piece this quilt, sew four small white triangles onto the center square of rose.Then piece the four other squares of a pink and a green and four small white triangles. Complete by making the diagonal center strip and two large corner triangles into the finished square.

Fabric Estimate: In making this quilt, 21 pieced blocks are set together with 21 plain white 12 1/2-inch squares.Seams are not incorporated into the pattern so be sure to allow for seams.

Six blocks wide by 7 blocks long, the quilt will measure about 75 by 87 inches when completed. This quilt requires 1/4 yard rose, 1/2 yard pink, 1 yard green, 6 1/2 yards white, or 8 1/4yards in all.

Butterflies would be delightful on all of the plain squares between ramblers, or a10-inch Feather Circle would be effective and considerably less work.

Click on the image for the printable 5" block of the Rambler Quilt Block.