Rag Quilt Patterns

Free rag quilt patterns are so easy; they are a perfect beginner's quilt project. You can make a rag quilt in any size.

Create a small stroller throw or a king size bedspread with a pattern that is adaptable and straightforward. Use a custom palette of colors to match your room décor, or use denim, flannel or fleece remnants to create a hodge-podge effect. Denim paired with flannel is great for an outdoor blanket, while flannel and fleece make a soft and cuddly baby quilt.

The pieces are all sandwiched as you sew to make your project go quickly. These make great gifts for students and kids, as they stand up to wear and tear. Buy a great, sharp pair of scissors to make cutting the fringes less of a chore.

Rag Quilts - learn how to make a rag quilt. Also flannel rag quilt patterns.

Zig-Zag Rag Quilt
This rag quilt is made in a zig zag pattern using plaids and stripes.

Dinoram Rag Quilt
Very colorful flannel rag quilt and great how to instructions.

Rag Style Quilt
In this technique, each square of the quilt is assembled and quilted as you go. When the last squares are joined, you’re done. It’s a great project for beginners because it is very forgiving- minor errors are usually invisible.

Raggedy Bricks
Home spuns. Plaids. Calicoes. Kiddie Prints. Denim. Flannels. ... all work well for this quilt pattern.