Postage Stamp Quilt Patterns

With free Postage Stamp quilt patterns, you'll make use of all those tiny scraps you just couldn't bear to throw away.

For very little cost, you can create bed quilts, doll quilts and many home decorating items with this simple pattern.

Make a checkerboard with a solid black or white fabric between colorful printed squares. Stitch the postage stamps into manageable blocks and assemble the blocks to create your quilt.

Postage Stamp Quilt Patterns

Postage Stamp quilts were our frugal ancestors' way of conserving and recycling everything possible. You can use your scraps to make tiny squares, or use strips of fabric to complete the job quickly.

Free postage stamp quilt patterns and quilt blocks:

Postage Stamp Basket
The look of pretty basket weave makes this a special quilt to give as a gift or keep for adding to the decor of your own home.

Postage Stamp Tutorial
If you like the pictures that go along with instructions, then you will love this pattern for a postage stampquilt.