Animal Outlines – Pocket Pals for Applique, Crafts

Explore an adorable selection of animal outlines and pocket designs, perfect for appliqué, sewing, and various craft projects. These charming patterns feature cute little animals peeking out of pockets, adding a playful touch to any creation.


- Unicorn: Enchanting and magical, unicorn outlines bring a whimsical flair to projects.
- Bear: Cozy and cute, bear patterns are perfect for creating cuddly and comforting designs.
- Soccer: Sporty and fun, soccer-themed pockets are ideal for enthusiasts and young athletes.
- Tiger: Fierce and striking, tiger outlines add a bold and adventurous element to crafts.

- Reindeer: Festive and cheerful, reindeer patterns are perfect for holiday-themed projects.
- Bird: Delicate and lively, bird outlines bring a touch of nature and freedom.
- Dog: Loyal and friendly, dog designs are sure to delight pet lovers.
- Bunny: Soft and sweet, bunny outlines are perfect for springtime and Easter crafts.

- Giraffe: Tall and graceful, giraffe patterns add a unique and exotic touch.
- Koala Bear: Cute and cuddly, koala designs are perfect for creating adorable pieces.
- Lion: Majestic and strong, lion outlines bring a regal touch to any project.
- Zebra: Striking and bold, zebra patterns add a distinctive flair.
- Love Soccer Pocket: Specially designed for soccer fans, this pocket combines passion for the sport with a touch of love.

Choose from this delightful collection to find the perfect animal outlines and pockets for creating endearing and playful pieces.