Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns

Free paper piecing patterns are a great way to learn a new quilting skill. Use your printer to print out the templates, and make as many copies as you will need to create your blocks.

Paper piecing is also known as foundation quilting and is a sure way to make perfect points and intersections every time. This method is not for the impatient but is especially good for the perfectionist.

If you are piecing a quilt that must be perfect, this method will ensure your workmanship is first quality. For a competition or gallery exhibit, this system will guarantee that every point is sharp and that every line is straight as a draftsman's ruler.

Paper piecing patterns including flag patterns, holiday patterns, animal patterns, cat patterns and more paper piecing patterns:

Paper Piecing with Dimension
Paper pieced kitties with 3-D tails.

Patchpieces Paper Piecing Patterns
Christmas, Angel, apples, butterflies, Easter egg and more.