Pennsylvania Rose Quilt Pattern

Years ago when Pennsylvania became “too civilized” and all trails to the promised land led toward Kansas, this quilt with a few other choice possessions started its trek westward in a covered wagon. It was made of the old red and green oiled calico used so much in the early days.

The years have only mellowed its beauty, for the quilt, still in perfect condition graces the comfortable modern home that has taken the place of the cabin where first it found shelter in Kansas.

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Pennsylvania Rose

The design is appliquéd in the center of white foundation blocks, each one measuring 10-7/8 inches square. Join the appliquéd blocks with plain white filler blocks of the same size (10-7/8 inches square). The quilt is particularly effective if the blocks are set together diagonally instead of running straight with the bed.

We have planned the quilt with 30 applique blocks, 20 plain blocks, 18 half-blocks for the sides and four corner blocks for each corner. Seam allowance on all pieces is 3/16 of an inch. Be sure to allow this on the diagonal of the half-blocks so that the blocks fit together properly. With a five-inch border added, this quilt will measure 85 by 100 inches.


30 of A – 1/2 yard of a yellow print
180 of B – 3/8 yard of a deep rose print
180 of C – 1 yard of a light rose print
150 of D
30 of E – 3/4 yard of green print to include 2-1/2 yards of one-inch bias folded for stems

For the five-inch border and the background and filler squares – 9 yards of white.

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