Old Tippecanoe Quilt Pattern

Women of yesteryear felt as keen an interest in the affairs of their country as the men, and expressed this interest by the quilt names – such as this one. The patches for Old Tippecanoe Quilt are cut by the same pattern piece and the color arrangement makes the handsome design.

Size: Without Border – 60 inches x 108 inches

With Border – 66 inches x 114 inches

Size of Block: 12 inches square

Number of Blocks: 45

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Old Tippecanoe Quilt Pattern. Resize to 12".

Crown of Thorns Quilt Pattern


Number of Units

For Block – White 12, Solid-color 8 and Print 12. For quilt – White 540, Solid-color 360 and Print 540.


(Yards are approximate.)

3 3/8 yards of 36” wide material in White; 2 1/4 yards of 36” wide material in Solid-color; 3 3/8 yards of 36” wide material in Print.


1 1/4 yards of 36” wide material in Solid-color.


3 1/4 yards of 72” wide bleached White muslin sheeting. Finish with lining and interlining.

Piecing of Block

Starting at center, stitch a print unit to a solid –color unit 4 times; set these pieces together to form center of block, being careful to have all print sections to inside forming center of block; then stitch a print unit to each side of the center solid-color units; next a solid-color unit between print units on each corner; complete 12-inch block by stitching white units in place around edge.

Setting Quilt

Make 9 strips, each 5 blocks across. Stitch these strips together to form quilt.


Cut border material into 4-inch wide strips. Piece together to form two strips (for top and bottom of quilt) each 67” long, and another two strips (for sides of quilt) each 115” long. Find center points of each strip, the sides, top and bottom of quilt; match center points and stitch border strips in place on sides, top and bottom of quilt making 1/4” seams. Miter corners.


Use fine running stitch, and quilting thread to quilt around each unit and inside edge of border.