Old Mother Hubbard - Applique Pattern, Line Drawing - Nursery Rhyme

Poor Mother Hubbard and her little dog! There's an empty cupboard, empty dog dish, and nothing for the poor pooch but a single bone. Brighten up Ma Hubbard's life with some much-needed color and appliqué her surroundings with your most colorful fabrics.

Get creative with multiple colors and fabric styles to create a warm and cheerful quilt with this well-known theme. You can even add other appliqué elements to enhance your design and add a colorful border to tie in all your color elements.

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard,
To give the poor dog a bone;
When she came there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.

old mother hubbard Clipart, Nursery Rhyme

Click on line drawings below to print, just enlarge or reduce as needed:

old mother hubbard

Graphics by Cheryl Seslar Designs can be purchased at GraphicsDollar.com