Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

Free mini quilt pattern - Nine Patch quilt pattern.

Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

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You can make your own Nine Patch quilt like the one above.

Note: I use 1/4" seam allowances for all my quilt sewing/piecing; this seam allowance can be trimmed to 1/8" after sewing and pressing.

In order to have enough fabric for this project, I suggest using pieces of your chosen red and white fabrics that are at least 1/2 yard. You will need more of both if you plan on adding borders and you will need more of your chosen binding fabric.

Begin by cutting one inch (1") strips from your red and white fabrics. For a more interesting quilt, use LOTS of different reds, preferably a different red for each ninepatch block. In order to accomplish this type quilt, you can choose one of 2 methods: 1. you can cut individual 1" squares for each 9 patch block or 2. you can cut one inch (1") strips of all your different red fabrics, just cut short strips (cut matching short strips of your white fabric for these strips).

If you have cut individual one inch squares for these 9 patch blocks, assemble your squares using the graphic image of the finished quilt to guide you. If you cut one inch strips for your quilt, they will be sewn into 2 different sets: the first set of strips will be 2 red strips with one white strip in the center as in the top picture to the right:

The second set of strips will be 2 white strips with a red strip in the center as in the bottom picture to the right:

These two sets of strips will then be sub-cut into 1" strips. For one Ninepatch block (pictured at right), you will need 2 sub-cut strips from strip set one and 1 sub-cut strip from set two. The unfinished 9 patch block will measure 2". In the quilt, the finished measurement of this quilt block will be 1 1/2".

For a finished quilt as pictured above, you will need a total of eighteen (18) 9 patch blocks. To set the quilt, cut seventeen (17) 2" squares from the same white fabric you used for sewing the 9 patch blocks. Alternate 9 patch blocks and plain blocks as pictured in the above quilt. Add borders if desired. I liked this quilt plain without borders and using one of the red fabrics for the binding.

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