Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Free Nine Patch patterns are fun for both beginning sewers and experienced quilters.

These quilt patterns can be used alone or in combination with other blocks to create an unlimited number of quilting designs. Nine Patch quilt patterns can be made into tiny mini-quilts or a gorgeous king-size bedspread. This simple pattern is a first-time quilter's dream, and there are many guides and videos to get a beginner started in the right direction.

Use a limited palette or start rummaging through your scrap bag to create custom quilts and accessories for friends and family. You'll never run out of inspiration with Nine Patch quilt blocks, and it will become a mainstay of your quilting repertoire.

Click on the pattern at the left for our Nine Patch mini quilt pattern.

Free nine patch quilt patterns and quilt blocks:

Nine Patch Mini-Quilt
Here's a pattern for our white and red nine patch quilt.

Nine Patch Quilt Block
This makes a twenty one inch block. That's a big block.

Corner Nine Patch Quilt Pattern
Here's an easy one using all squares, half-squares and strips.

Classic Nine Patch
This makes a nine inch block and is so easy.

Nine Patch Log Cabin
If you like log cabin you'll certainly enjoy making this eighteen inch block.

Nine Patch Frame
This makes a twelve inch block and is pieced using regular templates.

Plain Ole Nine Patch
This makes a twelve inch block, and is a perfect beginner's block.