Nelson's Victory Quilt Block

This Connecticut Nelson's Victory quilt pattern is very easy to make. Also is a nice bold quilt when made in red, black and white.

Size: Without Border - 60" x 108"
With Border - 68" x 116"
Size of Block - 12 inches square
Number of Blocks: 45
Pieced - 23
Plain – 22

Number of Units: Block Quilt
Striped 12 276
White 12 276
Dark 8 184

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Nelson's Victory Pattern. Enlarge to 12-inches.

Crown of Thorns Quilt Pattern


(Yardages are approximate and are 36” wide fabric unless otherwise stated.) 1 7/8 yards each in stripe and white; 1 1/4 yards in dark color; 2 1/2 yards of 39” wide fabric in white or solid-color for plain blocks.


– 1 5/8 yards in stripe or dark color. Lining – 3 1/4 yards of 72” wide bleached white muslin sheeting.

Plain Blocks

Cut 21 blocks from 39” wide white or solid-color fabric – each 12 1/2 inches square.

Piecing Block

Start at center. Seam a striped unit to a white unit 4 times; stitch white unit of one of these sections to a striped unit of another section 4 times – center of block. Seam remaining units together for 4 each of striped, white and dark squares. Seam striped square to a striped section and white square to white section of center of block 4 times; seam these squares together. Seam dark square in each corner.

Setting Quilt

Make 1/4” seams. Starting with a pieced block, and alternating with plain blocks, make 5 strips each 5 blocks across. Then make 4 strips, each 5 blocks across, starting with plain block and alternating with pieced blocks. Sew strips together, alternating them and being sure to have a pieced block in each corner of the quilt-top. Add desired border and lining


Use matching thread and a fine running stitch to quilt around each unit in pieced blocks. Divide plain blocks into 16 three-inch squares and quilt; then quilt these squares diagonally as shown on quilt-top above.