Quilt Block Patterns – Traditional Morning Star Quilt

A tribute to the star gazer … light up the master bedroom with this twinkling galaxy.

This exquisite Morning Star quilt pattern was made some time around the Civil War, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The entire quit is made of printed cotton. The star block motif measures 15 inches from point to opposite point. The quilt blocks are set together as shown in the Repeat, alternating with hexagons on the body of the quilt, and fill-in sections along the edges.

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Morning Star Quilt Pattern

When set in, the hexagons measure approximately 7 1/2 inches between any 2 opposite sides. The inner border consists of triangles of the same two fabrics used in the stars; the outer border, approximately 9 1/4 inches wide, is of subdued floral-patterned chintz.

Treat the star motif as 6 points, each consisting of 4 diamonds (see seaming diagram). Seam 4 diamonds in the order indicated; this completes 1 star point. Make 2 more star points and sew together all 3 points. This is half of star. Make another section like this and sew together both sections to complete the star block.

When cutting fabric, allow for seams.

Morning Star Quilt Patterns:

  • Quilt Block Patterns – Traditional Morning Star Quilt Block