Moonlight Sail Applique Pattern - Line Drawings

This sweet little bear and his first mate are going on a cruise in their trusty sailboat. With patched sails and gentle waves, they've cast off for their next great adventure. Choose a broad range of colors for vivid contrasts, or select colors that blend with baby's room decor for a personalized look.

When used as a motif for an appliqué, this vignette is perfect for a baby quilt or a wall hanging. You can resize the template to fit the size of your project, and use embroidery or fabric markers to add details to complete your piece. It's a great way to use up some of those scraps from your stash, and it's a gift every mom will love.

Moonlight Sail clipart

Click on line drawings below to print, just enlarge or reduce as needed:

Moonlight Sail Line Drawings

Moonlight Sail Line Drawings

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