Monkey Wrench Quilt Pattern

This stunning Monkey Wrench quilt is one of the best examples of how a simple block can be put together into an intricate pattern. Pieced blocks of squares and triangles cut fromthe given patterns and pieced as shown, alternate with 10-inch plain blocks, dark in one row and light in another. It really isn't hard to do, although each "monkey wrench" must be turned at a certain angle, one way in the row with large light squares and a turn further around in the next row with dark alternate squares.

All blocks must be pieced exactly alike so they stack with light on light and dark on dark. A block that "unwinds" backwards ruins the all-over pattern. The Monkey Wrench blocks should finish 10 inches square. A top 70 by 80 inches plus a 2-inch border of each of the two colors, brings the size to 78 by 88 inches. You will need about 4 1/2 yards of each color material for this size. Allow extra for seams on all blocks.

A Snowflake design, Horn of Plenty, or Four Flowers would be right for quilting on the plain blocks.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Monkey Wrench Quilt Pattern.