Modern Tulip Quilt Block – Prize Winning Quilt Patterns

This Modern Tulip quilt pattern motif lends itself more effectively to forming a “showy” coverlet rather than a practical quilt to be used for covering.

This quilt pattern is a design that is quite easy to assemble, and simply by adding a lining, then finishing the edge with green bias binding, you will have completed a prize-winner!

Click the image to print template for the Modern Tulip Quilt.

Modern Tulip Quilt Pattern

To quilt - just follow along the diagonal lines formed by the unit seams.

Size: 60” x 105”

Number of Units:

Yellow 45
Green 90
White 626


(All yardages specified are approximate.)

7 5/8 yards of 36” wide material in white;
1 1/8 yards of 36” wide material in green;
3/4 yards of 36” wide material in yellow;

Bias Binding in Green.

Making Strips:

Starting with Row 1 on diagram to right, follow the rows – setting together the pieces as shown in that row. For example: On Row 2, you will stitch three white units together as shown. You may then stitch this strip to the one white unit in Row 1. Then continue with Row 3 by setting together two white units, one yellow and two white. This strip can then be attached to Row 2 as shown in diagram.

On Row 4, you will set together one white, one green, one white, two yellow and two white units; then attach to Row 3 as shown. Continue to work rows in this manner until you have completed Row 39, and you will have completed the quilt.


Single Size Sheet in percale or muslin.

Launder the sheet. Baste to wrong side of quilt – starting at center and working out toward edges.