Missouri Star Quilt Pattern Designed by a Man

From the “show me” state comes this attractive quilt pattern, The Missouri Star. Designed many years ago by a man – a doctor from Kansas City. His interest was in geometric patterns and composition rather than sewing or quilting. We recommend this clever quilt to those quilt fans who juggle with needle and scissors and odd-shaped pieces of material.

Click on the image to print the Missouri Star Quilt Pattern.

Missouri Star

The design works up effectively in pastel colors or the stronger reds and blues. Try soft rose for the star and border triangles, pale green for the “arrows”, and a delicate creamy yellow for the background. Each finished block measures 17 inches square. This is an all-over-the-bed design so every block must be a pieced block.

A quilt five blocks wide and six blocks long will measure about 85 by 102 inches finished.


Dark -	240 – A
360 – D – 6 yards

Medium -240 – C – 2 yards

Light - 120 – B
240 – C
120 – D – 4 1/2 yards

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