Miscellaneous Quilt Patterns
P through Z

Peony, Perpetual Motion, Pictorial, Rising Star, Star Puzzle, Stepping Stones, Swamp Patch, Turkey Tracks, Weather Vane, Windmill Star Quilt Patterns.

Miscellaneous quilt patterns beginning with the letter P thru the letter Z. This miscellaneous page of patterns only has 1 or 2 free quilt pattern sources listed for each pattern. That's all we could find available for free on the web in that category.

Perpetual Motion Quilt Patterns ------

Perpetual Motion
This is a nine patch block with diagonal half squares in it.

Pictorial Quilt Patterns ------

Miniature Pictorial Quilt Pattern
A pictorial center medallion is framed by a dark narrow border and large triangles.

Rising Star Quilt Patterns -------

Rising Star Block
Here is a pattern for a twelve inch finished rising star block.

Star Puzzle Quilt Patterns ----

Star Puzzle Block
A twelve inch star puzzle block is featured with instructions.

Stepping Stones Quilt Patterns ------

Stepping Stone Mini Quilt
Enjoy making this mini quilt using these easy to follow instructions & illustrations.

Turkey Tracks Quilt Patterns -------

Turkey Tracks Quilt Pattern
This pattern is for a classic foundation-pieced turkey tracks quilt.

Weather Vane Patterns -------

Weather Vane Wall Hanging
Give wool fabric a try on this charming wool wall hanging.