Miscellaneous Quilt Patterns H through O

Miscellaneous free quilt patterns beginning with the letter H thru the letter O. This miscellaneous page of patterns only has 1 or 2 free quilt pattern sources listed for each pattern. That's all we could find available for free on the web in that category.

Handy Andy, Hovering Hawks, Hourglass, Jack in the Pulpit, Job's Troubles, Joseph's Coat, Kansas Sunflower, Lilies of the Field, Memory Lane, Ocean Waves Quilt Patterns.

Hovering Hawks Quilt Patterns ---------

Hovering Hawks Block
Try using up your scraps for this block using lights & darks for contrast.

Hovering Hawks Pattern
A simple pattern for a twelve inch hovering hawks block.

Hourglass Quilt Patterns --------

Hourglass Block
Here is a easy to follow pattern with templates for an hourglass block.

Jack in the Pulpit Quilt Patterns -------

Jack in the Pulpit Block
This beautiful Jack in the Pulpit block pattern can be 7 or 8 inches.

Job's Troubles Quilt Pattern -------

Joseph's Coat Quilt Patterns -------

Joseph's Coat Quilt Block
Straight out of Genesis is the coat of many colors - Joseph's Coat.

Joseph's Coat Block
This makes a ten inch Joseph's Coat block and is partly paper pieced.

Memory Lane Quilt Patterns -------

Memory Lane
Memory Lane are older traditional quilt blocks that hold many fond memories.

Memory Lane Block
Unfinished this Memory Lane block measures 12.5 inches square.

Ocean Waves Quilt Patterns -------

Ocean Waves Quilt Pattern
Complete instructions and materials needed are found here for an ocean wave quilt.