Miscellaneous Free Quilt Patterns
D through G

Darting Minnows, Delectable Mountain Star, Dolly Madison Star, Double Dutch, Double Windmill, Eddystone Light, Fifty Four Forty, Goose Tracks Quilt Patterns.

Miscellaneous quilt patterns beginning with the letter D thru the letter G. This miscellaneous page of patterns only has 1 or 2 free quilt pattern sources listed for each pattern. That's all we could find available for free on the web in that category.

Darting Minnows Quilt Patterns -------

Darting Minnows Block
This pattern makes a twenty inch dartng minnows block.

Delectable Mountain Star Quilt Patterns -------

Delectable Mountain Star Pattern
You can make this quilt as large as you wish simply by repeating more rows.

Dolly Madison Star Quilt Patterns -------

Double Dutch Quilt Patterns -------

Double Dutch Wall Hanging
On this 44 inch square quilt, a black print frames a quartet of blocks.

Double Windmill Quilt Patterns -------

Double Windmill Block
With the use of templates, this pattern makes a twelve inch double windmill block.

Double Windmill
This makes a twelve inch double windmill block and is paper piecing.

Eddystone Light Quilt Patterns -----

Eddystone Light Block Pattern
This pattern is for a twelve inch block and comes with complete instructions.

Fifty Four Forty Quilt Patterns ------

Fifty Four Forty Block
This site offers a pattern for a twelve inch fifty four forty block.

Goose Tracks Quilt Patterns ------

Goose Tracks Quilts
Here are instructions for a t-shirt quilt that is simple to follow and understand.