Milky Way Quilt Block Pattern

The Milky Way quilt block is a large quilt block fifteen inches square, or by continuing two more rows top and side it could be made twenty-one inches square. It would make an unusual quilt by piecing a border all around nine inches wide, which completes the dark and light star, to use with a center of solidly pieced blocks either square or oblong. This would leave a wide plain space of blue or white for quilting between the pieced center and the pieced border.

The Milky Way quilt is simple to piece. Seams are not incorporated into the pattern so be sure to allow for seams. This design is even more attractive in very small blocks and of course the two squares and one triangle can easily be reduced in size but kept the same relation to each other.

Fabric Estimate: To make this quilt with 15 inch blocks as described, make a large pieced center section 30 inches wide by 39 inches long. This is made of four 15-inch blocks, two blocks wide by two blocks long, plus three rows of small 3-inch blocks to make an oblong. Add a 12-inch strip of blue all around. Finish with a pieced border 9 inches wide – 2 strips 9 inches wide by 81 inches long and 2 strips 9 inches wide by 54 inches long will be needed for the pieced border. This requires 2 yards blue, 3 yards gold, 4 yards of white, or 9 yards of fabric in all. Allow extra for seams on all blocks.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Milky WayQuilt Block Pattern.