Merry Go Round Quilt Block

The Merry Go Round quilt block is a good design for using odd scraps of bright fabric; each quilt block may be a different color as long as the light and dark value remains about the same.

The thing that makes so many old quilts disreputable looking is a few really dark blocks, navy blue, or lead colored percale, irregularly spaced and showing up like great holes in an otherwise lightcolored pattern of pinks, yellow and pale blue. There must be a plan for the whole quilt when using scrap bag pieces.

The Merry Go Round quilt block as shown is really four blocks all exactly alike. By using these units and allowing for a seam, 9 pieced blocks 18 inches square will be needed. Set together with 18 strips cut to finish 4 1/2 by 18 inches. Fill in the square at the end of these strips with a 4 1/2 inch pinwheel like the unit in the center of the block. Eight of these small squares will be needed. Put the 4 1/2 inch strip at each end, but not on the sides of the quilt, to add length. This makes a finished quilt about 85 inches wide by 94 inches long; requires 6 1/2 yards white with 2 1/2 yards of colored fabric. Allow extra for seams on all blocks.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Merry Go Round Quilt Block Pattern.