Traditional Quilt - Lady of the Lake Quilt Pattern

In this lively Lady of the Lake quilt pattern, the pioneers have captured the rhythm of Sir Walter Scott’s poem of the same name. An unusual effect is achieved by setting light sections against dark.

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Lady of the Lake quilt pattern:

Simplifying your cutting of the triangles by first cutting squares, and then cutting these in half along the diagonal. Seam the 2 large triangles (1 dark and 1 light) to form the center square of block (this should measure 8 inches).

Make a border square by joining a small light and dark triangle; make 3 more small squares and sew these four squares together to form a strip. Sew this strip to corresponding side of the center square, and sew a similar strip to the opposite side of this piece.

Make 2 strips of six squares each, and sew to opposite sides of the piece already made. This completes block. Set the blocks together as shown in the Repeat. The edges of the quilt are kept straight by filling in with half sections of the block.

When cutting fabric, allow for seams.

Small border triangles – cut 20 light, 20 dark
Large center triangles – cut 1 light, 1 dark