Giraffe Applique for Quilt

What’s cuter than a giraffe? How about an entire quilt made with appliqued giraffes? These charming and gentle creatures with the world’s longest neck are perfect to add to any quilt or wall hanging for a child’s room.

Use a variety of fun and colorful scraps or remnants to create cool giraffes in two sizes. These appliques can also be added to diaper bags, tote bags, t-shirts and other clothes.

There are two different sizes offered here, but you could enlarge or reduce the patterns on your printer for the perfect size you need for your next applique project.

Add trees, flowers and other animals to create an African safari your kids will love for years to come.

Giraffe Pattern - Quilt to Applique

To print the full-size line-art giraffe pattern of each image below, just click on the image.The 3 large giraffe images will take 3 pages to complete the image and the small giraffe will print on 1 page.

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