Geese Quilt Patterns and Goose Quilt Patterns

Free geese and goose quilt pattern blocks come in many variations. They all use basic shapes, such as squares, rectangles and triangles.

Some are very simple and great for beginning quilters, while others are more complex and use paper-piecing methods to ensure perfect points and corners. You can stitch a colorful wall hanging, quilt or pillow top with the colors of your choice. Choose two, three or more fabrics to add a beautiful accent to any room.

Geese Quilt Patterns

Choose a pattern that's right for your skill level and download the free quilt pattern and instructions. Print out the pieces, enlarging or reducing the size to create a pattern to suit your project.

Goose Creek Pattern
A great twelve inch block that is a nice one for beginners or anyone who wants to make a quilt in a hurry.

Goose in a Pond Quilt Pattern
Goose in a pond also provides an attractive backdrop for graceful quilting motifs.

Fox and Goose Quilt Block
Four patches all in a twelve inch block...luv the Country.

Goose in the Pond Quilt Pattern
This makes a fifteen inch block and is so pretty. Great for holiday decor too.

Geese All Around Block Quilt Block
This makes a twelve inch block and is paper pieced.