Garden of Eden Quilt Block Pattern

Use a deep shade of green for the pieced blocks of this beautiful Garden of Eden quilt block design, then alternate them with solid-color blocks – stitched in the same design in either green, contrasting or matching color, and you’re sure to have a coverlet that will be the pride and joy of your collection. The simplicity of the pieced block makes this ideal pick-up needlework that’s easily carried and worked on during leisure moments.

Religion was a very strong and vital force in the lives of the early settlers; and as a result, the women who were devout to the Bible often made biblical references in naming their quilts. The designs were made with a particular passage or story of the Bible in mind – such as Garden of Eden, Crown of Thorns, or Rob Peter to Pay Paul.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Garden of Eden Quilt Block Pattern.

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