Flower Pot Block - Quilt Block with Flowers in Pot

This Flower Pot quilt block represents four diamond flowers in an angular pot. This popular quilt is a charming block when made with a pink, blue, yellow and lavender print diamond all in a green pot with white background spaces. Or a still more modern effect of cactus can be obtained by using a terra cotta pot with alternate light and dark green diamonds on an unbleached background.

Add seams to the sizes here given for marking patterns and the block will finish about 7 3/4 inches square or 11 inches on the diagonal. If making a Flower Pot quilt, set the blocks together diagonally with alternate squares of white which may be quilted in a design made similar to the pieced blocks, or by using a Feather Circle or a Thistle.

Fabric Estimate: Using 7 blocks wide by 8 blocks long, 56 pieced blocks. 42 plain blocks, 36 plain half blocks cut diagonally, and 4 plain fourth blocks for the corners will be needed. The finished flower quilt measures about 77x88 inches and requires 5 yards white, 2 yards variegated, 2 1/2 green, or 9 1/2 yards of fabric complete. Allow extra for seams on all blocks.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Flower Pot Quilt Block.