Fence Row Quilt Pattern - Easy Vintage Quilt Blocks

Here is a pattern that has several names. Moving West by the pioneer settlers had a great deal to do with the changing of quilt names, thus reflecting the trend of history. In one section this design was called “Fence Row”, and in another, “Shoo Fly”. It’s a nine-patch variation that is closely related to “Duck and Ducklings.”

Click the image to print the quilt template for the Fence Row Quilt Pattern.

Fence Row Quilt

Fence Row

Size: Without Border – 50” x 100”, With Border – 62” x 112”

Size of Block: 9 inches square.

Number of Blocks: 53

Pieced – 32; Plain – 21

Number of Units: Block Quilt

Unit #1 – White 4 128
Color 4 128
Unit#2 – White 4 128
Color 1 32


(All yards listed are approximate and use 36” wide fabric unless stated otherwise.)

Unit # 1 – 1 yard each in white and a color;
Unit # 2 – 1 1/4 yards in white and 1/2 yard in a color;
Plain Blocks – 2 1/4 yards in 39” wide fabric in white;
Border – 2 1/4 yards in striped or a color;
Lining – 3 1/4 yards of 72” wide white bleached muslin sheeting;

Plain Blocks: Cut 21 blocks from 39” wide white material, each 9 1/2 inches square.

Piecing Blocks:

Start at center. Stitch a white Unit # 2 to each side of a colored Unit # 2. Stitch a colored Unit # 1 in each corner between the white Units # 2. Stitch a white Unit # 1 to each of the colored Units # 1 to complete the block.

Setting Quilt:

Starting with a pieced block, stitch plain and pieced blocks together.

After setting all pieced and plain blocks together, place quilt-tip on flat, smooth surface (such as the floor). Place sheet of wrapping paper under quilt (extending out along edge) and pin in place. For fill-ins, trace off sections (one-half block (#1) on top or bottom of quilt; corner (#2); and side (#3)). Cut out and use as pattern pieces. Place these patterns on white material and allowing 1/4” seams, trace off and cut out six of #1, four of #2 and eighteen of #3. Stitch in place along edges to complete the quilt-top.


Cut 7-inch wide strips from the border material. Piece together when necessary to form two strips, each 63” long for top and bottom of quilt; and another two, each 113” long for sides of quilt.

Line and Interline


Use matching thread and a fine running stitch quilt around each unit on the pieced blocks. Quilt plain blocks as shown on quilt or quilt in diamond. Quilt border along the inside edges or in diamond design.