Eight Hands Round Quilt Pattern

A quaint old quilt pattern, named after the square dance that climaxed Aunt Dinah’s quilting party. Your great-grandmother may have called in Swing-in-the-Center. This is the traditional quilt pattern called Eight Hands Round quilt block.

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Eight Hands Round

Use 2 contrasting colors. First make one diagonal of block as shown in Step 1. Make 2 large triangles as in Step 2. For Step 3, join 2 squares and 1 triangle (this is part of other diagonal) Sew together Steps 2 and 3. Sew this piece to first diagonal. Complete other half of block in same way. Patchwork blocks may be alternated with solid-color blocks, if desired.

When cutting fabric, allow for seams.

Eight Hands Round Quilt Pattern:

  • Eight Hands Round Quilt Block - Traditional Quilt Pattern